Some are doers, some are stage hogs – but often the silent witness is best at transmitting inner beauty to the outside.

YoungReporters is for young people who like to write about music – or who are not afraid of trying to. In her workshops, Berlin-based music journalist Julia Kaiser teaches journalistic know-how in a practical way.
Participants will find answers to may questions as: 

How can music be put into words? What are the essentials for diffent journalistic formats, as reviews and features? Can music journalism be objective? Beauty, truth and social eruptions – how can a music journalist bring out what reflects in music? YoungReporters is a workshop program, individually designed for each music festival or music project. It is about observing, sensing, discovering and exploring of music in the process of creation.

YoungReporters brings young listeners to enjoy classical music deeper by taking notes and asking questions. To understand music better by watching rehearsals and interviewing the performers. And to come to a profound opinion about a performance through written reflection. 

YoungReporters focuses on teamwork in a group of young editors. At the same time, everybody is invited to find one‘s personal style, give one‘s texts the real thrill, become a magnifier for artistic expressions. And to find out that music journalism has a lot to do with respect – towards the music, the artists and their skills that have been formed by passion, but also organizing ability and hard work.

Music journalism is my passion – to share it with young people makes it deeper.