Write up Music Tech

Vaughan Richards, 23 Jahre

All the Day of April 3,
This year 2020,
Combatting the Coronavirus Crisis with video communication technology,
We gathered from ‚round the world,
every corner of Humanity,
For conversation about music technology,
The Future,
And what it will be.

In an Ideation Session
Led by Clara Radunsky of Accenture,
We pondered what the needs will be For the Future Artist Manager.

I learned of Luxembourg Tech School
—Sarah Kaiser represented.
Imminent questions we there apprehended :
“What does it mean to be human in the Age of AI?”
“Had Zuckerberg and Company had a background in the Humanities,
Might they have made different decisions?”
We tend to default to technological solutions these days,
End up spending more time and energy Developing and playing with technology
Than we spend actually Cognizing the problem . . .
Engaged interaction is the air a creator breathes.
Don’t fall into the trap of R&D!

I listened in,
Live, as
Christof Haslauer
Eva Wimmers
and Andreas Spechtler
Gave their organized thoughts on
The future of live sports and cinema : Fluid information sharing between different devices,
Multi-device experiences of the same
Movie or Live Event.
The Eyes of the World’s Audiences
Multiplying into One.

I learned how Günter Loibl proved the pessimists wrong
With his HD vinyl projects.
Rebeat Innovation, his Life’s Work, is going strong.

Ricardo Simian Iterated simulations Of 3D-printed instrument creations.
“We will be able to make ANY complex shape we want.”
“We are exploring every radical avenue imaginable, but we like instruments The way they are!”
Perhaps someday, some musicians‘ rite of passage will include the design and construction of one’s own, unique, acoustic voice. Da Vinci would be singing in his grave !

The dysfunctional codependency
Between our music industry, Its centuries-old economic theories,
“Discover and Distribute” business plan
(ever since Napster, we all can!),
And ubiquitous 21st Century technologies,
Social media,
File sharing,
Data mining,
Virtual realities,
General Artificial Intelligence,
—This dysfunctional relationship is coming to an end.
The incentives are shifting.
Fighting two decades against ease of distribution ?
Artificial Scarcity ?
No more. For value to flow for everyone, there must be connection sans friction !
Music, tech, and more, are ripe for Renaissance ! That’s no fiction !