Blue lantern to light the path into sound future

Styrmir Palsson, 19 Jahre

Mari Garrigue is playing first in the opening concert of the Nordic Music Days 2022 – what an honour! There she is, with a blue metal case that turns out to be a discarded lantern, two speakers and a soundcard. The main speaker ist standing next to the blue lantern and the other one she moves across the metal surface, creating strong feedback sounds that go through your stomach. When Mari sings into the speaker, the lantern begins to shake and one feels a snare sound all over the body. The audience is very quiet and the atmosphere is intense. At the same time, it is all so beautiful!

Mari knows what she is creating: something completely new, something that has never been there before! And that is also how she got into new music. She began with sound design and experimenting with new sounds and how one can create new sounds and control them.

Mari finds that it is not only all about using the sound that we have around us, but also about how we can create new tools to work with it. Her art is all kind of experimental, but also very intuitive. For Mari, it is a lot about connection between objects and her voice which was noticeable in her opening act.