Distanziert involviert

Oda Holt-Günther, 22 Jahre

It’s been wonderful to take part in the Ultraschall Festival! In a time where we are not allowed to be together, music is what can still connect us the most. We have all throughout the passed year been forced to widen our view and dare to think differently. Several parts of the original festival program could not take place, but the festival has served programs that in no way suffered from the last minute changes; we are now left with loads of great musical moments to look back on, numerous premiers and huge variety of expression. As mentioned by many participants throughout the radio festival – we did loose one dimension by not being able to listen together in the same hall. A possible consequence could however be that we this time will remember what we have heard even more clearly, because closing our eyes and sharpening our ears was all we could do as an audience this year.