Lilja Sól Helgasdóttir, 17 Jahre

During the world premiere of Gunnar Karel Másson’s piece in Harpa, I wrote this poem.

My body dancing with the dead
Sharpness engraves into my body
Blood is everywhere
Heavy thumps land on my chest
And it’s over

New place, better place
Is something wrong?
Oh a new body
Light butterfly feeling
I feel down my spine

Is he here too?
Where did he come from?
Right behind me
I won’t get away
Did he disappear?

He’s here
Endless chasing and running away
When is it over?
Will I ever get away?

It’s over
It’s done
I am free
But where?

Lilja Sól Helgadóttir 13.10.2022

„Grisaille“ read by author Lilja Sól Helgadóttir