Yes, you can arrive here!

Valeska Maria Müller, 20 Jahre

platformB provides artists in exile from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia with a space where they can express their arts in hybrid formats – be it through sound or image, text and video design or in joint discourses and lectures. The continuously growing network had its premiere at the ECLAT Festival 2023.

All these moving moments cannot be put into words. Nadya Sayapina, Eugene Buldyk, Dasha Brian and Maria Kruk describe emotional states in their incredibly moving films and add music that suits the respective situation, while Olga Shparaga, Anna Bakinovskaja and Vica Biran talk and discuss explicitly about what they feel as migrant artists. Cellist Alina Anufrienko ends the evening with her performance „Resist and Love“, describing her very individual perception of the situation with her instrument. The artists convey an unpleasant sensation to the audience. A feeling of absolute uneasiness.